How to save money on PCB production without sending it overseas

Money Saving on PCB

The temptation of rock-bottom rates for PCB production can be quite a draw, especially when you’re starting out and every penny counts but have you given thought to a UK PCB manufacturer rather than overseas?

The temptation of overseas, as well as needing rock bottom rates, is that it’s also pretty tempting for businesses under pressure from shareholders to maximise profit potential. But it’s not all about cost, the flip side of the coin means there are compromises involved too.

Longer lead times, less access to support services, and reduced technical input or advice available for starters.

There are greater transport times (and costs), and realistically any faulty boards will be more difficult to remedy, as having issues rectified can take many emails and phone calls across time zones and language barriers.

The appeal of lower unit costs, especially on high volume production of PCBs is, for some, worth the gamble.
However, by using Garner Osborne you can hedge your bets.

Established off-shore partnerships

As a leading UK PCB manufacturer we offer our customers the best deals we can including stock control and Kanban services. This means customers can benefit from the lower costs of buying in bulk, without having to commit capital up-front. Just one of the great benefits of UK PCB manufacturer!

Additionally, we’ll buy boards at a good rate and hold them in stock at our facilities here in the UK until you are ready for them. We can maintain best prices on boards until they’re required, without you tying capital up in stock you don’t yet need.


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