How is Surface Mount Technology opening up new opportunities?

Surface Mount Technology

When speed is of the essence surface mount technology can offer an invaluable solution.

With the ability to place up to 10,000 components per hour, surface mount technology (SMT) can offer a speedy production option. But speed isn’t the only benefit of surface mount technology.

What is SMT?

SMT is by far the most popular approach to PCB assembly today.
Its popularity, helped by the benefits of convenience, speed and reliability means that many of today’s PCBs rely on SMT Technology.

What’s more, this clever solution has meant that the intricate task of pre-forming cables to connect components to PCBs could largely be relegated to the past.

However, SMT isn’t all about speed and convenience.

There are many other benefits to using SMT in PCB manufacture.

Today, where there’s a constant pressure for smaller, more versatile devices that offer increasing capabilities, SMT opens up a whole new realm of opportunity in product design. Here are 5 of the key benefits of using surface mount technology.

1. Minimise your PCBs
SMT allows for the use of smaller components and more of them than traditional cabled connections would allow for – perfect in light of constant demand for smaller PCBs for smaller devices.


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