Expanding Opportunities through Increased Board Size Capabilities

Increased Board Size Capabilities

At Garner Osborne, we are only experts in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) industry through our ability to consistently innovate and deliver solutions that supersede our client’s expectations.

From utilising reliable machinery that moves with the times, creating products that are long-standing and recognising the market demand, we understand too well what is needed to stay ahead of the game.

Which is why, we are extremely pleased to announce our latest addition to the manufacturing floor – our new LED KST Vacuum frames. Enabling us to stay ahead in the PCB manufacturing industry, our latest investment enables us to increase our maximum manufacturing panel size from 850mm up to 1250mm in length – giving clients a bigger area to work with at a fraction of the original cost.

From utilising recyclable materials, to eco-friendly machinery, thermo & light controlled environments to CO2 reduction processes, we believe in delivering a service that can combine quality products at lower prices and meet environmental standards simultaneously.

Not only does the LED KST Vacuum frames reduce production times and utility costs but runs at a speed that is better to the environment – an area which we at Garner, pride ourselves immensely on.

Integrating machinery that is sustainable for the business and friendly to the environment has given Garner Osborne the ability to withstand and create a long line of history in the PCB manufacturing industry.

If you would like to know further information about how we can extend your capabilities and contribute towards a more sustainable tomorrow, get in touch today and a member of our team would love to discuss your needs over the phone.


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