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Circuit Board Champions team

Printed Circuit Boards Are Our Business

When asked about the failure rates of our circuit boards, we’re always proud to announce we have a 100% success rate on all boards that leave us.

For our clients, receiving high quality, precisely engineered PCBs is critical to the success of a product and its performance. They can make or break a brand.

Our success rates aren’t just down to the high quality control processes that we apply to every single circuit board before it leaves Garner Osborne. Or even the continuous investment in state of the art technology, such as our new Limata UV-P200 LDI.

The role of the team

Our top quality boards have such a high success rate because of our Team. Of course, state of the art technology and carefully chosen components and materials are essential, but without the focus and attention to detail that our team apply to everything, from assembling a PCB to choosing a supplier or investing in new machinery, we wouldn’t have our 100% success rate.

Garner Osborne have been producing printed circuit boards you can trust for over 30 years. A number of our staff have been here since we started, building on their knowledge and growing their expertise through both experience and offsite training courses.

Cherry-picking expertise

However, as the business has grown, we’ve needed a larger team. So we’ve recruited carefully, ensuring that we’ve added to the skill-set of the team with other experienced professionals, all who bring with them a reputation for performance and reliability in their field.

It isn’t just about the ability to produce a good circuit though.


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