The safe way to save on high volume PCB fabrication prices

PCB Fabrication

The safe way to save on high volume PCB fabrication prices

We recognise that when building high volumes of PCBs there are some real gains to be had from finding an offshore fabricator. But it comes with its own set of risks like actually increasing PCB fabrication prices.

Our brokering services offer a way our customers can benefit from working with a UK based PCB fabrication specialist, whilst also reaping the rewards of globalisation.

Why use global suppliers for PCB fabrication?

It’s no secret that labour and components in the Far East can be more cost effective than here in the UK. These countries tend to have a lower cost of living, components and raw materials can be less costly too, and lead times for locally produced components can be lower.

The trouble is, there are risks involved with offshore PCB fabrication too…

Understanding the risks involved in using global PCB sourcing solutions

Finding a company on the internet and choosing to use them for the production of a high volume of PCBs can be inherently risky.

With so many miles between you and them, delivery dates can easily be missed, improperly packaged components can mean high levels of rejects, and subjective quality control can cause chaos with your supply levels.

If you add to this the complications of customer service support across different time zones, different languages, and different cultures – all of which can play a part in how business is conducted.

High volume PCB fabrication outsourcing isn’t really something you can afford to take a risk with. You need a company with a reputable track record for using quality components, and turning out reliable and robust PCBs.

However, without the personal relationships, time and experience, these aren’t easy to come by.

How Garner Osborne brokering can eliminate the risk

By using our brokerage service, clients can reap the rewards of offshore, high volume PCB fabrication, whilst also taking comfort in the security of a partnership with specialist UK PCB engineers and a UK-based customer service team. No time zone complications, no language barriers and no cultural ambiguities.

It’s not just about quantity though. Over the last thirty years working with clients around the world, on all sizes of orders, we’ve built a reputation based on quality, and we’re not about to fritter that away.

We ensure our trusted global partners operate within our strict quality assurance procedures.


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