UK PCB Services

Whatever your printed circuit board needs, we’re equipped to provide you with the most timely and cost effective PCB solution

Why use our PCB Assembly service?

Because we offer a complete PCB assembly service! From bare board (rigid, flex rigid, flexi) manufacture, through to electronic component assembly for both surface mount and pin through hole, to functional test and final mechanical assembly

We have the ability to place virtually every component on the market, from 0201 passives to 35mm square BGA’s. All backed up by AOI (automatic optical inspection), Erascope and full X-ray capabilities for inspection

We handle and manage any combination of material supply; be it full free issue, part or full procure and operate an ‘open book’ policy for a costed BOM, to ensure between us we achieve the best material.

We have a dedicated stand-alone system for ‘Express Prototype’ delivery. 24hr delivery is achievable from receipt of components and relevant tooling and through use of our MRP system we have full control of our supply chain, ensuring component delivery on time and at the best market price.


Fast Turnaround

We’ve put together a highly skilled team and advanced technology to offer you speed and efficiency for printed circuit assembly. Every process is tried and tested for maximum impact. As soon as your order arrives, it will be tracked right through to delivery. On a rolling 6 monthly basis our on-time delivery is currently 99.66%.


Mass Capability

To meet your requirements for higher volume manufacturing and assembly we work with trusted offshore suppliers. To ensure consistent standards in both quality and value, we make sure these providers operate under strict quality assurance procedures. Added to this every order we outsource comes first to our factory to undergo testing by our UK team.


Quality Assured

At every stage of assembly, each printed circuit board is put through a series of stringent controls to ensure the highest quality standards. We guarantee that every PCB that leaves our factory meets exactly with our customers’ requirements.

Surface Mount Technology
(SMT) Assembly

When you need a high performance PCB assembling faster we can offer SMT PCB Assembly. Our skilled team put down micro-BGAs by machine using state-of-the-art SMT assembly equipment. Each component is mounted and fixed directly onto the surface of the PCB with molten solder achieving a greater level of complexity and accuracy in each product when compared to through-hole technique (THT).

  • Smaller components (minimum 0.4 x 0.2mm) Greater number of components and many more connections per component
  • Finer accuracy in component placement
  • Increased flexibility with components placed on both sides of the circuit board
  • Increased performance for high frequency parts (lower resistance and inductance at the connection)
  • Superior mechanical performance under shake and vibration conditions
  • Greater predictability of component characteristics (e.g. fewer unwanted RF signal effects in SMT parts when compared to leaded parts)
  • Faster assembly with more than 10,000 components coplaced per hour

PCB Assembly Equipment

Our PCB assembly facility was created in early 2008, with considerable investment in new, state of the art equipment. Operated by our expert team, all PCB assembly equipment is tested for accuracy and efficiency, ensuring you outstanding results.

Because we offer circuit board design, manufacture and assembly in one facility, we remove various logistical issues to bring you the best in value and quality. What’s more, we can also reduce any time required to generate tooling, which means that we can produce your PCBs to order, fast.

  • Re-Print R29-Vision solder paste printing
  • Pyromax100 8 zone Oven
  • ERSA Scope
  • Juki KE-2060-RE  pick and place machine
  • ERSA 550 Rework Station
  • MIRTEC AOI System

Thanks to our specialist PCB assembly equipment and the expertise of our team, we have the capability to put down micro-BGAs by machine with our surface mount SMT PCB Assembly equipment, or through-hole components by hand.