PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype | PCB Manufacture UK
PCB Prototype | PCB Manufacture UK

PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype | Electronic AssemblyPCB prototype and one off PCB manufacture is often essential when developing new products and applications as it enables all aspects of the design to be tested and assessed in an efficient manner and will be less costly in time and money than undertaking a full production run.

We can manufacture and assemble your PCB prototype within five days when required.

There are many reasons for printed circuit board prototyping, including

  • PCB prototypes can eliminate issues early on before larger volumes of boards are produced
  • Prototype PCB manufacture can allow for clarification and refinement of requirements, allow a more accurate finial design and reduce rework costs
  • Prototypes can highlight both seen and unforeseen technical issues allowing these to be addressed up front


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