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PCB Manufacture | PCB UK

PCB Manufacture

PCB Manufacturer | UK PCBWe have years of experience in PCB Manufacture to offer you a superior product. Using advanced manufacturing equipment, our expert team manufacture all types of circuit boards for a wide variety of applications.

In addition to our highly experienced and skilled team we have made significant investment in equipment and technology for PCB manufacture.

  • Our high technology facility uses a digital manufacturing approach using AOI, legend printer and BBT
  • We continually invest in the latest equipment for PCB manufacture
  • All information supplied by our customers is checked using our in-depth engineering system (CAD-CAM) to ensure any anomalies are resolved before manufacturing starts or tooling is generated
  • Current growth areas are in the flexible and flex-rigid ranges of products we manufacture and machines of pure ceramic products, with the latest 3D milling machines
  • Our express manufacturing services ensure that any prototype requirements are manufactured and dispatched to meet all customer expectations

At a glance our PCB board manufacture include:

Layer Count 1-16 layers
Material Fr4, Fr2, Ptfe, Ceramic, base/Cu Base/Ally Backed/Polymide
Maximum Circuit Dimension 820 x 410
Multilayer Boards Mixed build technology and flex rigids, with controlled impedance
Board Thickness 0.1mm to 4.8mm
Copper Thickness 0.5OZ to 4OZ
Surface Finish (Lead Free) Leaded and Unleaded Hot Air Level, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Gold Plated, Immersion Tin, OSP etc
Minimum Trace Width/Distance 0.10mm
Finished Hole Diameter min0.2mm
Test Capabilities Impedance control and Flying probe
Products Blind and buried vias, Aluminium board, Flexible circuits, Metal core board, Flex-rigid


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