PCB Manufacture

26 years experience in PCB manufacture using advanced manufacturing equipment to create all types of circuit boards

  • Our high end technology facility uses a digital manufacturing approach using AOI, legend printer and BBT
  • We continually invest in the latest equipment for PCB manufacture
  • All information supplied by our customers is checked using our in-depth engineering system (CAD-CAM) to ensure any anomalies are resolved before manufacturing starts or tooling is generated
  • Current growth areas are in the flexible and flex-rigid ranges of products we manufacture and machines of pure ceramic products, with the latest 3D milling machines
  • Our express manufacturing services ensure that any prototype requirements are manufactured and dispatched to meet all customer expectations

Our PCB board manufacture includes:

Layer Count

1-16 layers


Fr4, Fr2, Ptfe, Ceramic, base/Cu Base/Ally Backed/Polymide

Maximum Circuit Dimension

820 x 410

Multilayer Boards

Mixed build technology and flex rigids, with controlled impedance

Board Thickness

0.1mm to 4.8mm

Copper Thickness

0.5OZ to 4OZ

Surface Finish (Lead Free)

Leaded and Unleaded Hot Air Level, Immersion Gold,

Immersion Silver, Gold Plated, Immersion Tin, OSP etc

Minimum Trace Width/Distance


Finished Hole Diameter


Test Capabilities

Impedance control and Flying probe


Blind and buried vias, Aluminium board, Flexible circuits,

Metal core board, Flex-rigid

Our Manufacturing Process

In our UK factory every stage of the manufacturing process from front-end engineering to final delivery is measured for quality and efficiency to manufacture and assemble the perfect PCB.

Here we’ve detailed the departments and machinery that are key to creating your printed circuit board.


Front end engineering

All Gerber files are checked prior to manufacturing. This eliminates any potential problems which may occur during production. The tooling required is output using Genesis software, with NC, AOI and test data as well as plot files, which are sent to our Silver Writer to laser plot the photo tools.


Drill shop

Our drilling department has 20 drilling spindles and 8 profiling spindles, all operated by Sieb & Meyer software controllers. The drills range from 2 to 6 spindle machines – ample capacity for low, medium and higher volume orders.


Wet shop

A horizontal direct metallisation line deposits a conductive carbon layer in the hole of the PCB ready for the copper plating process, which is achieved by an 8-cell copper plating line, with pulse engines and side-to-side rectification.


Dry film

The dry film departments has 2 Western Magnum Laminators to apply the dry film, which is printed with Cirgraphics vacuum frames. The photo tools are punched via a 50x magnification camera to achieve maximum registration accuracy when the boards are printed.


Silk screen

The silk screen department has a spray coater and manual benches for ink application, with refrigerated Colight exposure machines to print the image of the photo tools onto light sensitive ink.


Surface Finish Engineering

We can apply a number of finishes in-house, including leaded and lead-free HASL / EN / immersion gold and silver / OSP and electrolytic tin. We can subcontract additional finishes to match the customer’s specification.



We use flying probes in the testing department to ensure all products are thoroughly tested before being despatched. We also use AOI for inner layers and more complex copper layers, to improve yield rates and reduce product wastage.


Final inspection

The last stage of the process is a 100% product inspection with the inspection pack generated at the start of the job. We also have inspectors carrying out intermediate and final inspections (using a Lynx System with up to 80x magnification)..


Packaging and despatch

Every product is wrapped in acid-free tissue and vacuum packed. Bubble-wrap is used within the packaging to ensure safe arrival of a perfect product.

Our Off-Shore Partnerships

We have long standing relationships with our trusted off-shore brokers

Garner Osborne

We offer customised stock control and Kanban services. A higher volume can be ordered in batches and we will hold the boards in stock to help cash flow, as well as maintain the best price with boards that are readily available to call off.

We do whatever we can to give our customers a smooth supply of required products.

  • Kanban Services
  • Handshake-image High Volume Orders
  • customized-stock Customised Stock Control