SMT Assembly

PCB Assembly | Electronic Assembly
PCB Assembly | Electronic Assembly

Surface mount technology (SMT) assembly

When you need a high performance PCB assembling faster we can offer SMT PCB Assembly. Our skilled team put down micro-BGAs by machine using state-of-the-art SMT assembly equipment. Each component is mounted and fixed directly onto the surface of the PCB with molten solder achieving a greater level of complexity and accuracy in each product when compared to through-hole technique (THT).

SMT advantages over THT include:

  • Smaller components (minimum 0.4 x 0.2mm)
  • Greater number of components and many more connections per component
  • Finer accuracy in component placement
  • Increased flexibility with components placed on both sides of the circuit board
  • Increased performance for high frequency parts (lower resistance and inductance at the connection)
  • Superior mechanical performance under shake and vibration conditions
  • Greater predictability of component characteristics (e.g. fewer unwanted RF signal effects in SMT parts when compared to leaded parts)
  • Faster assembly with more than 10,000 components placed per hour


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