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PCB Assembly | Electronic Assembly
PCB Assembly | Electronic Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly | Electronic AssemblyOur PCB assembly facility was created in early 2008, with considerable investment in new, state of the art equipment. Operated by our expert team, all PCB assembly equipment is tested for accuracy and efficiency, ensuring you outstanding results.

Because we offer circuit board design, manufacture and assembly in one facility, we remove various logistical issues to bring you the best in value and quality. What’s more, we can also reduce any time required to generate tooling, which means that we can produce your PCBs to order, fast.

Our PCB Assembly Equipment includes:

  • Re-Print R29-Vision solder paste printing system
  • Juki KE-2060-RE  pick and place machine
  • Pyromax100 8 zone Oven
  • ERSA 550 Rework Station
  • ERSA Scope
  • Ultra-vision AOI System

Thanks to our specialist PCB assembly equipment and the expertise of our team, we have the capability to put down micro-BGAs by machine with our surface mount SMT PCB Assembly equipment, or through-hole components by hand.

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