Why Garner Osborne?

We’re delighted to be celebrating the 26th anniversary year since Garner Osborne was founded. We have a large skilled workforce including four of the original team still here and another 10 of our employees with over 20 years’ experience. We are so proud of the reputation we’ve built for PCB manufacturing and assembling high quality and totally reliable printed circuit boards. As well as our heritage and pedigree here are few other reasons to work with us:


Accreditations & Certifications

We strive to meet the highest standard of both quality and service for PCB manufacture, assembly and design across all areas of our business. We ensure we obtain and maintain the latest levels of accreditation in the electronics field.


Fast Turnaround

We’ve put together a highly skilled team and advanced technology to offer you speed and efficiency for printed circuit assembly. Every process is tried and tested for maximum impact. As soon as your order arrives, it will be tracked right through to delivery.


One Stop Shop

Our factory can and does meet all PCB requirements for small and medium-sized orders onsite to larger PCB Assembly and manufacture volumes for overseas.


Environmental Policy

We are committed to finding greener ways of working. In our industry, being eco-friendly can be challenging. But our recycling programme is constantly developed to be kinder to the environment.


Mass Capability

To meet your requirements for larger PCB manufacturing and assembly we work with trusted offshore suppliers. To ensure consistent standards in both quality and value, we make sure these providers operate under strict quality assurance procedures. Added to this every order we outsource comes first to our factory to undergo testing by our UK team.


Quality Assured

At every stage of assembly, each printed circuit board is put through a series of stringent controls to ensure the highest quality standards. We guarantee that every PCB that leaves our factory meets exactly with our customers requirements.

Environmental Policy

Garner Osborne Circuits is committed to finding greener ways of working. In our industry, being eco-friendly can be challenging, but over time, we are developing processes that are kinder to the environment.

  • Recycling waste material

    In 2007, we set up a programme to recycle factory waste, which would otherwise be put into landfill waste sites. Wherever possible, all waste off-cuts and by-products both liquid and solid waste are now reprocessed or reused, including metal and fibreglass used in PCB manufacture.

  • Eco-friendly machinery

    Garner Osborne Circuits uses only the latest technology, which is more precise, more effective and uses less energy. Transforming traditional processes, we now rely on the thorough checks of our staff and advanced machinery to carry out our responsibilities to the environment.

  • ISO 14001 environment

    We are working towards ISO 14001, the international standard for improving environmental performance reducing our impact on the environment. To help us achieve this goal we have solar panels fitted to our factory roof which to both reduce costs and environmental impact.

Garner Osborne ISO 14001

The Industries We Work In

We develop PCB prototypes and manufacture PCBs across a wide range of different industries, here are just some of the areas we have been involved with:

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Seismology
  • Aerospace
  • Power Supply
  • Communication & Network
  • Audio
  • Broadcasting
  • Fashion Design
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Measures & Instrumentation
  • Industrial Control
  • medical iconMedical
  • aerospace iconAerospace
  • Audio AV iconAudio
  • security iconSurveillance & Security
  • car iconAutomotive
  • power iconPower Supply
  • broadcasting iconBroadcasting
  • measurement iconMeasures & Instrumentation
  • seismology iconSeismology
  • communication iconCommunication & Network
  • fashion iconFashion Design
  • industrialIndustrial Control