Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

Save money when you take a closer look at your PCB design

At the start of every new financial year, all industries lack the urgency felt just a month before, when we’d been speeding towards the end of yet another fiscal year.

However, at Garner Osborne, we don’t rest on our laurels.

Being so busy the rest of the year ’round, this period is invaluable to us. We like to get ahead on finding new and innovative designs and approaches for our circuit boards to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition.

We have a team of technicians that specialise in PCB design and they can help you improve your designs.

What’s more, their advice is free and you don’t have to commit to using Garner Osborne before-hand.
How you could benefit from PCB design review

Our team of highly-skilled technicians can help you to:

– Increase the reliability of your PCB designs.

– Identify potential risk areas on designs – and establish resolutions to these.

– Our technicians will be able to help you identify areas where design may compromise the reliability of the trace, or where heat emitted by one component may adversely affect another. Once a risk has been established we’ll be able to recommend a solution in the form of an alternative design, or maybe the addition of a heat sink to improve the reliability of your PCBs.

- Our team will also use their specialist knowledge to see if there are ways you can save on the cost of production. Often the eagle eyes of our experts can help you to drive down the cost of production through slight changes using a slightly different layout or different components, increasing your margin on each unit.

Our reputation for outstanding customer service is built on a level of service that starts well before you commit to using Garner Osborne.

Our technicians will review your Gerber files at the outset, before you even place your order, and advise on your design. We fully believe that the more reliable and efficient we can makeyour PCBs become, the stronger your business will grow, and in turn, the stronger our business will grow.

However, increasing the efficiency (or the reliability) of your PCB design is not the only way we help our clients to build their business.

We invest time and effort to build relationships that mean we can minimise lead times (even on small order quantities), and ensure continued supply of components, despite wider market forces.

To find out if we can save you money on your PCB design contact us today on 01635 582626 and speak to one of our technicians.