Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

4 ways we’ve earned our reputation for quality PCB production

If you’ve already been working with us a while, you’ll know that PCB quality is paramount to us but how do we ensure PCB Quality?

Our quality PCB production is our biggest differentiator from so many competitors out there on the market. It’s also one of the main reasons our customers keep coming back.

If you haven’t already worked with us, you may well have heard about our reputation for PCB Quality.

But how do we constantly ensure that we are performing ahead of the game when it comes to delivering high quality, reliable printed circuit boards?

1. We buy in high quality materials from quality suppliers

No one ever made a high quality PCB product out of poor quality materials.

We have specialist buyers that work with our carefully selected network of suppliers to buy in the best quality boards, solder and components to ensure that the resulting printed circuit boards are made from reliable materials.

We have a longstanding network of suppliers that we work closely with.

This doesn’t just help us to ensure the quality of our components as we purchase them, it also helps us to maintain quality and consistency in the supply of our raw materials. Of course, there’s the added bonus of enabling us to protect our own supply chain (and that of our customers) against potential supply issues on the horizon.

2. High quality controls and traceability on every PCB

We ensure that our materials are all traceable. We hold both ISO9001 and AS9100, which require traceability throughout the entire production process.

However, our objective is never just to meet the minimum requirements to obtain the certifications. We go above and beyond to deliver true traceability.

This was apparent last year when we received only 3 minor non-conformance issues. That means there were just three issues that slightly varied from best practice but made no difference to the resulting product (way less than most PCB manufacturers receive).

3. State of the art technology for PCB production

Processes can’t ensure optimal PCB quality on their own, and with the advancements constantly being made by technology, it has become a critical and very useful part of quality control in recent years.

We have 4 bare board testing machines that use flying probes to ensure the Integerityof our PCBs, but most important is our commitment to ongoing investment.

By upgrading equipment selectively throughout the PCB production process, we are able to improve the quality of our printed circuit boards.

In the last 9 months alone, we’ve invested in the new LDI which removed the risks associated with phototool handling, off-contact exposure, poor dimensional stability and mid-batch material changes.

Then, most recently, we’ve welcomed Emma, our latest state-of-the-art bare board testing machine, which helps us to thoroughly test each of our PCBs for minute faults, both from low volume and high volume production runs.

4. Highly experienced technicians

Of course, machines are great. Well, they’re more than great. To us, our equipment is utterly invaluable. However, we need highly experienced technicians to not only select the correct machinery and equipment to invest in, but also to run manual tests on each of our PCBs before they leave the plant.

Our manual checks don’t just take place at the end of production.

Circuits are checked at the time of quoting as our technicians analyse the gerber files with our CAD/CAM software They look for any potential issues with files and any ways that you could save money or improve the reliability of your circuit design.

PCBs are then checked manually, in addition to using our extensive testing equipment, before they leave our plant.

If you’d like to arrange PCB production of a quality you can rely on, get a quote on our website, or give us a call on 01635 582626.