Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

5 reasons your business needs low volume production runs

Fuelled by the cost and time benefits of high volume production, many PCB production plants only offer production runs over a specific volume.

We recognise that there are lots of benefits to buying raw materials in bulk. And we’ll admit there’s probably even more benefits to be had from large-scale production runs when it comes to minimising the set up and tooling of machines ready for production.

But there are many ways in which the ability to offer low volume PCB production – either a one-off piece, or a small quantity, can really benefit our customers.

Here are a few reasons why our low volume PCB production is so popular.

1. Low risk, low cost way to test product designs

When you’re developing a new product, it’s important to keep outlay as low as possible, so a production run of several hundred units just isn’t feasible. Neither is arranging shipping from China with just one unit.

Having a UK low volume PCB production manufacturer that will deliver a single unit is essential to be able to develop and test new product designs quickly and cost-effectively.

Whilst on a per-unit basis, the costs are higher, the long term expense of running a large volume production run, only to find that each one has a critical design flaw, is far more costly.

2. To create a prototype to demonstrate to potential investors

When looking for investment you’ll need a prototype to show off to any serious potential investors. Having the freedom and flexibility to order and receive a single PCB to build a working prototype can be invaluable in securing essential investment for your project.

3. To replace a small number of products that either have sustained damage in transit or in assembly of the final product

Sometimes, once a PCB has been assembled into a product and that product is then shipped to its final destination, items can go missing or get damaged. When they do, your customers may want a resolution and fast. Single or low volume production runs of PCBs can be invaluable when it comes to remedying any issues quickly and easily and staying in your customers’ good books.

4. To further develop product designs

Sometimes you want to tweak a product, just to see whether it could incorporate an additional functionality, or take on a new aesthetic design without interference with performance. Low volume or prototype PCB production can make this possible, helping to support companies with an ethos of evolution and continual improvement.

5. To meet market demand

Some of our customers, such as those in the aerospace industry, deal with such highly specialised components that there is only ever the demand for a handful at a time, anywhere in the world.

The really great news is that, when using Garner Osborne for your low volume or prototype PCB production, you don’t have to forfeit all of your cost benefits. Because we offer prototype and low volume PCB production to businesses right across the UK, we can save you money by sourcing more popular materials in high volumes and then storing them for the short time, until they are needed.

By doing this, we also keep lead times for our low volume and prototype orders to a minimum.

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