Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

What are the benefits of edge plating?

Copper edge plating, sometimes referred to as Castellation, is a great way to ensure a strong connection through your printed circuit board and reduce the chance of board failures that can be costly to remedy – both from a manufacturing and brand perspective.
But what is edge plating?

There is no specific industry definition of edge plating. Although, it’s widely considered to be the process of running copper plating from the top to the bottom surfaces of a PCB and along at least one of the perimeter edges.

The benefits of edge plating

There are many benefits to edge plating.
It can improve the quality and reliability of your circuit boards through delivering improved current conduction in a board. The right level of conduction is essential for components to be able to operate in the way they were designed to. It can also help to protect more vulnerable edge connections.

But there are more benefits to the performance of your printed circuit board when it’s edge plated.

Edge plating and thermal distribution

One of the key benefits of edge plating is its ability to support thermal distribution. Similar to thermal vias, when components become overheated they are more likely to fail, causing potentially critical damage to the board itself.
As customers design circuit boards with more capabilities, using more components tightly packed onto smaller boards, effective thermal distribution becomes essential to channel excessive heat away from temperature-sensitive components. Without the ability to escape, the heat will compromise the performance and reliability of the board.

Edge plating and signal integrity

Edge plating can also improve signal integrity. Signal integrity is becoming more important as boards are becoming more complex, demanding faster connections and more complex layouts.

Edge plating is a fairly straight forward process in terms of the equipment required, though the process sequence can vary. To get your quote today visit our website.