Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

Adding our expertise and reduce PCB Cost

The layout of your printed circuit boards can make or break your project. As our client list is growing all the time and new customers learn how Garner Osborne actively seeks to decrease lead times on projects, we have shared below the ways we reduce PCB Cost on behalf of our clients.

Recently, we were approached by a potential client for a quote. They’d been talking to other fabricators but no one had been able to even offer a quote without a design, and all design agencies were quoting extensive lead times.

We have partners at every stage of the PCB fabrication process, so we spoke to some PCB design agencies that we have good relationships with, and were able to find a design slot that the potential client could use to have their design turned around within a week.

Meanwhile, back at Garner Osborne, with detailed information as to exactly when the design would be completed, we were able to timetable the production of the printed circuit boards and deliver them to the new client within a month of their initial enquiry.

This is just one example of how to reduce PCB Cost and how we support our clients and potential clients from the very start of our working relationship. Adding value to that client by helping them overcome the obstacles that the industry throws up along the way to secure printed circuit boards when they need them.



From the first point of contact between a customer and Garner Osborne, our customers are likely to notice things are done differently.

Enhancing the layout of your printed circuit board can impact the reliability, longevity and even commercial viability of a project. Which means that by tweaking the design of a board, it’s possible to reduce production costs, and the risk of shorts and opens.

When you first pick up the phone to us here at Garner Osborne, we’ll discuss your PCB layout with you, and then our experienced technicians will review your designs and Gerber files to identify any opportunities to reduce production costs using smarter layouts and designs.

When we review the PCB design for the first time, we’ll also see whether there are any areas that are likely to cause reliability or quality issues, and determine any specific component requirements.

This all takes place before we even provide a quote, so we can give our clients certainty that the price we quote isn’t likely to creep with added complications identified along the way.

How could our expertise in PCB layout save you time and money in PCB fabrication?