Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

Our PCB customer service – Keeping lead times low, even for more unconventional materials

Our PCB customer service – Keeping lead times low, even for more unconventional materials

We work with so many different types of organisations and industries, each unique, and with so many diverse uses for our PCBs, it’s inevitable that, in some situations there’s a lot riding on their reliability and with that our excellent PCB customer service.

Our experienced PCB customer service regularly work with security and surveillance organisations. Where, as well as needing to be reliable and dependable, PCBs must be able to operate in hostile environments, where temperatures and air pressure can fluctuate vastly in short spaces of time, and units are assaulted with sand, wind and rain on a regular basis.

Components built to deal with these kinds of conditions can be hard to get hold of. Low demand and specialist hand-manufacturing mean that lead times, and delivery times, can be extensive.

TMM 6 and TMM 10 boards are composite boards hand-made for aeronautical use. Built in the States, they are designed to cope with high temperatures on the ground, and temperatures that do more than ‘dip’ below freezing in the air.

Lead times for these components can be as long as 10-16 weeks, and when you add design, printing and build time, the total delivery time from placing an order to receiving delivery of these robust PCBs to a client could be as long as 5 months.

We know that when expensive missions, and even lives, are dependent on the reliability of these tiny but clever components, that kind of a wait just doesn’t cut it.


We aim to minimise our customers’ waiting time for smaller orders by keeping a small stock of these hard-to-get-hold-of boards right here at our warehouse in Newbury.

By holding our own supply of these units we are able to turn around these PCBs within 2 weeks of the order being placed, a vast difference to the 12-18 weeks it would take us to deliver an order if we had to wait up to 16 weeks for the fabricated boards.

It isn’t just certain industries that we go these extra lengths for. We keep standard FR4 boards in stock at all times too, reducing lead times on standard units. We also try to pre-empt the needs of other returning clients too, stocking their specifically required components to limit lead times and improve turnaround times as much as possible.