Mike Garner

Managing Director at Garner Osborne Circuits Ltd

Why Garner Osborne use Type IV solder paste to achieve 100% PCB accuracy

We adopt type IV solder paste as standard on all our circuitry

Once upon a time, electrical products were bulkier. Circuit boards were larger and stencil apertures wider.

As electronic devices reduce in size, the demand for more intricate layouts on smaller printed circuit boards has increased. A smart design can take you a fair way to effective electronic circuitry, but as stencil apertures and pad dimensions reduce, a greater degree of precision is required.

At Garner Osborne we don’t believe in achieving just-good-enough when we know we can do better. We have an embedded culture of using the right tools for the job. The right boards to withstand the environment that they will perform within, and the right components to ensure complete reliability of our circuitry. That’s why we adopt type IV solder paste as standard on all our circuitry.

The difference between Type III and Type IV solder paste

Where type III solder particles have a wider diameter of 25-45 microns, precise control over intricate solder paths can be more difficult. Our 100% PCB accuracy rate isn’t just down to our attention to the components we use though. Each of our PCBs go through rigorous and thorough testing at various stages of the production processes.

Troubleshooting PCB issues

We also like to help clients where we can, which is why in the past we have helped clients plagued with poorly performing complex multi-layer PCBs, to help them identify where the weaknesses in their circuits are occurring.

We can use our AS9100 certified quality assessment processes and equipment, such as our double-sided simultaneous flying probe, to check for shorts and opens, and our X-ray machines and experienced engineers to help a client understand exactly where an issue is arising within complex multi-layered boards.

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